Colloid Mills


Probst & Class PUC60 Stainless Steel Laboratory Colloid Mill

Probst & Class

2.2kW 415/3/50 3000 / 1500 rpm drive motor. Complete with EVA20 laboratory thin film vacuum de-aeration unit. Vacuum provided by BUSCH type 010-116.24363 vacuum pump.

Fryma MK95/R Stainless Steel Colloid Mill

150mm diameter grinding chamber. Removable 450mm DIA x 450mm DEEP top feed cone. 3.3kW 2910 rpm 415/3/50 motor. Jacketed head.

Ytron Model XC-1 Stainless Steel Continuous In-line Powder / Liquid Disperser

40mm RJT liquid inlet / 50mm RJT liquid outlet 50mm top powder inlet with feed cone. Flushed mechanical seal with feed pot. Mounted on stainless steel support frame.