In Line High Shear Mixers


Ystral type Z.15.000S/W3-DGA-154P Stainless Steel In-Line Dispersion Mixer / Homogeniser

2" flanged connections. Mechanical seal. 15kW 380 - 420/3/50 2920-rpm motor mounted on a stainless steel base plate with stainless steel cover.

Silverson Multimill Stainless Steel In Line Homogeniser

75mm flanged connections. 75kW drive

25mm Stainless Steel In-Line Homogeniser

1.5kW 2800-rpm 415/3/50 motor with mechanical seral. Mounted on castoring trolley.

Silverson 450LS In-Line Homogeniser

2” inlet / outlet with RJT hygienic connections. 7.5Kw 2940-rpm 415/3/50 motor. Fine perforation stator screen.