Ploughshare Powder Mixer


Lodige FM130D1MZ Stainless Steel Jacketed Vacuum Ploughshare Blender 130 litres

5 bar jacket. EExd IIB T4 rated side refiner and variable speed main drive. Bomb door discharge.

Lodige Model FM130 D1Z Stainless Steel Ploughshare Mixer

130 litres capacity. 4kW main drive. Single 4kW side refiner. Pneumatically actuated bomb door discharge. Ex-food application.

Winkworth Model RT200 Stainless Steel Powder Paste Mixer

7.5kW 1440-rpm 415/3/50 EExd IIB T4 main drive motor. 4kW 1430-rpm 380-420/3/50 side intensifier. Bomb door discharge.

Winkworth Model RT200SS Stainless Steel Powder Blender

Ploughshare blades driven by 5.5kW 1445-rpm 380-415/3/50 main drive motor with mechanical speed variator. Multi-blade side chopper driven by 4.0 kW 2890-rpm 415/3/50 motor. Side entry hinged door for access / product charging / cleaning. Ex-food product manufacture.

Morton FKM300 Stainless Steel Jacketed Ploughshare Powder Mixer 300 Litres

.Mild steel heating cooling jacket rated for 0.5 bar working pressure. 1000mm LONG x 630mm DIA blender chamber. 5kW 415/3/50 SEW Eurodrive geared motor drive. 48 rpm shaft output speed.


Lodige FKM600D Stainless Steel Plough Share Blender

11kW 380/3/50 geared motor main drive giving 118-rpm shaft output speed. 2 off quadruple set 4-blade refiners driven by 4.0kW 3000 rpm 380/3/50 direct coupled motors. Air purged seals. Ex-cosmetics manufacture.

Morton 2000D Stainless Steel Jacketed Ploughshare Mixer 2000 Litres

1220mm DIA x 1815mm LONG blending chamber. Full body slim line low-pressure temperature control jacket. 37 kW 380-42/3/50 1475-rpm main drive motor. Output speed speed 115.6 rpm. Twin 5.5 kW 2910-rpm 415/3/50 four blade refiners.


Lodige FKM 3000D.2MZ.2ZF Stainless Steel Jacketed Mixer

3000 litre capacity. 55kW main drive. 2 off 5.5kW side refiners with facility to take 2 more. 5 barg heating jacket. 158 Celsius. Currently fitted with “Becker” blades. Ex-pharmaceutical.