Ribbon Blade Powder Blender


Winkworth GU660 Stainless Steel Ribbon Blade Powder Blender

Interrupted helix blade.  5.0kW geared motor drive. Cantilever mount on mild steel support frame. Ex-food application.

1500 Litres Gross Volume / 1000 Litres Working Volume Horizontal Mild Steel Paddle Blade Powder Blender

Trough dimensions 1225mm long x 910mm wide x 1130mm deep overall. Estimated 10hp drive with belt and pulley transfer.

Manufactured by "Marion Solutions, Iowa".

Babcock Gardner 1057 Litres / 1680 Litres Stainless Steel Ribbon Blade Powder Blender

2330mm long x 760mm wide x 825mm deep trough with single interrupted spiral blade. Full top cover. 20mm dia bottom outlet. 11kW 415/3/50 1450-rpm main drive motor through a belt a pulley reduction transfer to a Radicon gearbox. Estimated shaft output speed 30 - 35 rpm. Ex - food manufacture.