Stainless Steel and High Alloy Reactors


50 Litres Stainless Steel Reactor

400mm DIA x 430mm DEEP on straight with dished base and removable dished top. Lightnin 11925V11 variable speed agitator. 0.25kW 380 - 420/3/50 1425-rpm motor. 3-blade A310 impeller. Vacuum dip pipe descends below the bottom of the agitator level for vessel emptying under vacuum. Internally rated 100 psi / Full Vacuum. Jacket rated 50 psi.

138 Litres Stainless Steel Hemispherical Reactor

680mm DIA x 155mm DEEP on straight side with 340mm DEEP bottom dish. Hinged dished top. Bottom drive 1.1 kW 1400 rpm EExdIIB T5 415/3/50 motor and variable speed gearbox. Internally rated 0.7 barg working pressure. Jacket rated 3 barg working pressure. Manufactured by T. GIUSTI and Son.

175 Litres Stainless Steel Reactor

480mm DIA x 900mm deep on straight. Welded dished base & bolted dished top. 4kW 1430-rpm 415/3/50 EExd IIB T4 motor driving variable speed gearbox. Shaft output speed 48 / 290 rpm 3 sets of 4 blade angled turbines. Design pressure: 30 psig & Full Vacuum. Stainless steel external limpet coil design pressure: 60 psig

335 Litres Stainless Steel Reactor

760mm dia x 5640mm deep on straight plus 160mm deep dished base. Internally rated 30 psi / full vacuum. Stainless steel jacket rated for 20 psi and 126 Celsius. Two blade anchor pattern agitator. Estimated 2kW drive with reduction gearbox. Mechanical seal.

350 Litres Stainless Steel Reactor

800mm dia x 620mm deep on straight side plus 120mm deep bottom dish. Full stainless steel jacket to sides and bottom dish. Internal working pressure 3 barg / full vacuum. Jacket working pressure 3 barg. 1.5kW 415/3/50 1420 rpm motor driving through a variable speed reduction gearbox combination. Maximum speed 14.96 rpm. Full internal surface polish. Ex-food application.

620 Litres Stainless Steel Reactor

900mm dia x 970mm deep plus 120mm deep dished base. Internally rated 20 psi. Stainless steel jacket rated 133 psi.  Anchor pattern two blade agitator.

800 Litres Agemore Surmet Stainless Steel 316L Reactor

920mm dia x 1080mm deep on the straight side. Fully bolted 260mm deep top dish and 260mm deep bottom dish. Transkem  type TK.GPM.MT agitator with 4 blade angle paddle turbine. 1.0 kW inverter rated EExd IIB T3 284-1420 rpm 415/3/50 motor. Shaft output speed 19 - 194 rpm. Internally rated 0.5 barg / Full Vacuum. Jacket rated 4.5 barg. Built by Agemore Surmet.

17260 Litres Gross Volume Inconel (Alloy 600) Vertical Reactor

2364mm internal diameter x 2500mm deep on straight plus 680mm deep welded top and bottom dishes. Chemineer Model 21GTN-5.5 5.5kW agitator with mechanical seal. Two sets of three blade "Type 2" impellers 875mm DIA. Internal design pressure 20 barg / full vacuum. External jacket design pressure 5.0 barg. Internal operating temperature 230 Celsius. Jacket temperature 220 Celsius. Manufactured by Langfields Ltd in 2013 to PD5500: Cat 2

1400 Litres Stainless Steel Reactor Vessel 6 barg / Full Vacuum

1200mm Dia x 1100mm Deep on straight. Fully welded dished top and base. 0.75kW inverter speed controlled agitator drive. Full stainless steel jacket to sides and base rated for 1 barg working pressure and 100 Celsius.

14400 Litres Stainless Steel Limpet Coil Reactor

2400mm diameter x 2900mm deep on straight with 420mm deep welded top and bottom dishes. 3 zone 75mm stainless steel limpet coil to shell and base. Curtis Mixers Limited "LCM 3244" agitator with two sets of four blade turbines on a common shaft. 18.5kW drive motor. Internal operating pressure full vacuum / 1.785 barg (25 psi). Limpet coil operating pressure 2.8 barg. Operating temperature 150 Celsius. Manufactured by J. K. Innes & Co.

16000 Litre Stainless Steel Reactor

2540mm dia x 2170mm deep with fully welded top and bottom dishes. Mild steel jacket to sides and bottom dish. Chemineer type 22GTN-5.5 agitator with three-blade turbine and 5.5kW drive motor. Internally rated for 2.5 barg. Jacket rated for 3 barg. Mounted on four off braced mild steel legs. Manufactured by Kurt Rosskamp.