5001-10000 Litres Stainless Steel Mixing Vessels


5100 Litres Stainless Steel Mixing Vessel

1840mm diameter x 1730mm deep on straight with fully welded top and bottom dishes. Lightnin model LL150 agitator with A310 propeller and stabiliser ring.

5500 Litres Stainless Steel Mixing Vessel

1700mm Dia x 2430mm Deep on straight side. Flat bolted top and shallow cone base. Segment hinged access section in top. Lightnin EW1-25 0.25kW Eexd rated agitator. 145-rpm shaft speed.

6100 Litres Stainless Steel Jacketed Double Agitator Mixing Vessel

2000mm dia x 1720mm deep on straight side with 700mm deep cone base. 15kW main drive with side wall and base scraper blades plus central auger screw on the main shaft. 55kW angled top entry high speed disperser blade. Discharge to side via auger screw conveyor. External water jacket for temperature control. Skirt mounted. Ex-adhesive manufacture