20000+ Litres Stainless Steel Mixing Vessels


23800 Litre Stainless Steel 316 Mixing Vessel

2720mm DIA x 4100m deep on straight. Cone top & flat base. Internal coil. Curtis model CM5128-4283 agitator with 18.5kW 1470-rpm 415/3/50 motor and twin four blade angled paddle turbines. 60-rpm shaft speed.

25100 Litres Stainless Steel Mixing Vessel

2700mm diameter x 4390mm "mean depth" on straight, (4460mm - 4320mm across flat sloping base). Cone top. 5.5kW motor driving through a reduction gearbox giving 53.82 rpm shaft output speed. Two sets of 4-blade angle paddle turbines approx. 2000mm diameter.